MSV in the Field

In July, we visited the University of Minnesota to demonstrate the Specim IQ, a mobile hyperspectral camera. Dr. Brian Steffenson, a researcher at the university, studies disease resistance for cereal crops such as wheat, barley, oats and rye. Dr. Steffenson was interested in seeing how hyperspectral imaging could be used as a phenotyping tool for a wide variety of wheat and barley plants. Measurements were taken of wheat and barley plants both in the field and in the lab using the Specim IQ. Because of the easy set up and fast acquisition with the Specim IQ, we were able to capture 31 separate hyperspectral images during the morning of our visit. This was especially helpful as there was a heat advisory on that day.

Using KemoQuant™ analysis software, we were able to extract spectral components from the hyperspectral images that could be used for a CLS prediction analysis for each image. Two of the spectral components represented unhealthy parts of the plant, one component for the healthy area and one component for the background. The results were quite promising. A new RGB image was generated with the red and blue channels showing the potential diseased areas and the green channel for the healthy area of the plant. The background was left out of the image.

Contact us if you would be interested in learning how the Specim IQ can help with your application.