KemoQuant™ Analysis Software

The KemoQuant Analysis Software Suite provides a complete set of image interrogation and analysis tools. The software works with data sets covering multiple wavelength regions.

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KemoQuant™ analysis software contains a complete set of tools for analysis of hyperspectral data. The software features high performance algorithms such as multivariate curve resolution, classical least squares and principle component analysis. Users can interact with the hyperspectral image with a range of easy to use tools, such as region selection to average small areas of pixels, the ability to switch between mean image and RGB views as well as zoom in/out tools.

Minimum computer requirements
Operating system – Windows 7, 10

• Intel i5 or i7 processor Gen 6 or better
• 4GB of RAM
• 128GB SSD hard drive or more for the operating system
• 256GB SSD hard drive or more for each sensor to record the data
• Graphics card with OpenGL 2.0 support or better
• 64-bit operating system to allow large file handling
• Screen resolution of 1024 x 800

  • Fluorescence
  • VNIR and SWIR Measurements