macroPhor™ Hyperspectral Fluorescence Imaging System

The macroPhor™ Hyperspectral Fluorescence Imaging system is optimized for samples that are too large for standard microscope analysis. The system employs a unique hyperspectral fluorescence camera to acquire images. The resulting hyperspectral fluorescence image contains both spatial and spectral information about the sample. The user can interrogate these data for pure component identification and develop classification methods for future measurements.

The macroPhor™ Fluorescence Imaging system is a unique instrument optimized for samples that are too large for standard microscope analysis. The macroPhor™ uses hyperspectral imaging technology to deliver stunning images that contain spectral information at each pixel. Users can probe the image for different spectral features or use one of three chemometric methods to extract pure components.


A key advantage for the macroPhor™ is the ability to acquire spectra over a broader wavelength range compared to filter based fluorescence systems. Each pixel of the macroPhor™ fluorescence image contains spectra from 400 up to 800nm.This gives users the ability to see spectral features that would not be present in a filter based system. The macroPhor™ is an excellent tool to distinguish multiple fluorophors.

System includes the following:
• Software controlled macro X-Y sample stage
• Software controlled Z Axis for focusing
• Illumination – Single wavelength excitation laser with interchangeable mount – options include 405nm, 488nm, 532nm or 640nm)
• FOV Options:
• 179mm working distance lens with 50mm spatial line
• Wide angle lens with 100mm spatial line
• High Sensitivity Fluorescence Hyperspectral Camera
• Up to 2000 point spatial resolution
• Up to 1000 spectral channels
• Optical Resolution 7.5nm (default)
• macroPhor™ acquisition and control software
• KemoQuant™ Analysis Software suite

Plant Science & Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences

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