Specim IQ Spectral Camera

The Specim IQ is a mobile  hyperspectral camera that contains everything needed for hyperspectral measurements including image capture, data processing, and result visualization.

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The Specim IQ represents a new direction for hyperspectral imaging cameras. It’s ergonomic design, small foot print and easy to use software interface paves the wave for an emerging array of applications. One thing that makes Specim IQ unique is a built-in scanner which allows for acquiring a VNIR (400-1000nm) pus-broom hyperspectral image without the need for either camera or sample movement. Simply mount the camera to a tripod and you are ready for measurements.

SPECIM IQ in data acquisition mode

The camera has an on-board touch screen computer for acquisition and interaction with the images. Specim IQ has three sensors, one for focusing, one for viewing and one for capturing the hyperspectral image. To capture an image, the camera is mounted on  tripod and placed in front of the scene. For indoor imaging, additional illumination is required. A hyperspectral image consists of three image files, a white reference, a dark reference and the sample image. The Specim IQ software has a work flow that captures and processes all of these images as part of the acquisition.




The software also allows for the user to create classification routines that can be displayed after image acquisition. The Specim IQ also comes with IQ Studio, a desktop  software for downloading data, creating models and applications. In the example at the right, an image of a colorful Calceolaria plant was used. An area of interest (AOI) was selected for the green leaf, yellow outline and red center of the pedal. A classification model was created using the spectral signatures of each of these components. This model can be applied to other images of the plant. The software identifies where the red, green and yellow areas are located.

Classification model for leaves and pedals of a Calceolaria plant