Specim SWIR Spectral Camera

The Specim SWIR (Short wave infrared) spectral camera is a high performance detector covering the 1000-2500 nm range. The SWIR is an excellent choice for chemical imaging applications. Key spectral information can often be detected in the overtone bands of this wavelength region.

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The SWIR3 uses an MCT sensor with 384 spatial bands and 288 spectral bands. The is enclosed is an IP54 housing that is dust proof. It uses a high precision sterling cooler to cool the sensor. All internal components and optics are temperature stabilized to provide optimal performance from the camera. The Specim SWIR camera covers the the range 1 000 – 2500 nm. With its temperature stabilized optics, it provides the stability and sensitivity required in today’s most challenging near-infrared chemical imaging applications, from pharmaceutical quality assurance to food and agriculture analysis. The camera meets the highest requirements in lab, industry and field. The camera is supported by a power supply module and camera electronics controller. A 15 foot data cable set allows for mounting on conveyors for sorting. .