FX-10 VNIR Hyperspectral Camera (CameraLink Interface)

The FX10 is a complete, multi-purpose, turn-key hyperspectral imaging camera designed for industrial and laboratory use.

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The FX10 VNIR Spectral Camera represents a breakthrough in hyperspectral imaging. It’s small size, wide field of view and excellent signal to noise open this camera up to a wide array of applications. Some of the key advantages for the FX series are:

High Speed:The FX10 outputs 330 FPS with the Full Image mode. With a MROI mode the speed can be up to several
thousands frames per second depending on the number of selected wavebands. For example with 20 bands the
speed is about 2800 FPS.
Fast Optics: FX10 has high quality optics with a F-number 1.7, which enables good signal with short integration
times. High Signal to Noise Ratio (600:1) enables better detection accuracy on high speeds.
Flexibility: Free wavelength selection from 220 bands within the camera coverage.
Plug ‘n’ Play: Each FX10 unit has the same spectral wavelength calibration, which means that all the units gives
identical results. Automatic image enhancement provides correction for smile, keystone and reduced distortion.
Size: FX10 has much smaller footprint than traditional hyperspectral cameras and weights only 1.4 kg.
Integration: FX10 has various options for controlling software, including Lumo ToolKit, Lumo SDK and a
separate ASCII protocol.

The FX10 is controlled via CameraLink.

FX10 Specifications


  • Spectral range 400-1000 nm
  • Automatic Image Enhancement Smile and keystone correction with decreased distortion
  • F number 1.7
  • FOV 40 degrees


  • Detector type CMOS
  • Slit Width Physical width 42μm. Projection
  • on sensor 32μm (M=1.3)
  • Pixel size 16×16 μm
  • # Spatial pixels 1024
  • Spectral binning options 2x 4x 8x
  • # Spectral pixels covering the specified range 220 110 55
  • Spectral sampling/pixel 2.7 nm 5.4 nm 10.8 nm
  • Spectral Resolution FWHM 5.5 nm (mean)
  • SNR @ max. signal 600:1
  • Frame rate (fps), full range (220 bands) max. 330 FPS
  • Frame rate (fps), MROI examples 20 bands = 2800 FPS
  • 5 bands = 6500 FPS
  • Integration time Adjustable, within frame time
  • Data interface CL, 12 bits
  • Sensor Cooling Passive
  • Shutter Electromechanical shutter for dark background
  • registration, user-controllable by software
  • Order Blocking Filter yes


  • Housing Painted aluminium case
  • Size (L x W x H) 150 x 71 x 85 mm
  • Weight 1.4 kg

FX10 Series Specifications Sheet


  • Machine Vision
  • Agriculture
  • Plant Science
  • Geology
  • Life Science
  • Phamaceutical
  • Color Analysis