SisuRock Hyperspectral Core Imaging System

SisuRock Hyperspectral Core Imaging System for high volume imaging of drill core samples.

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The SisuROCK is the state-of-the-art workstation for drill core logging. It can acquire data from hundreds of boxes of core per day without any sample preparation. The hyperspectral imaging data acquired by the SisuRock can be turned into consistent and objective mineral maps along the core and across the deposit. The SisuROCK  can image a single drill core in a high resolution mode or a whole core box in a high speed scanning mode. Hyperspectral imaging data of a whole core box is acquired in less than 15 seconds, highly improving productivity in drill core analysis.

SisuROCK provides an efficient and high throughput production tool for the mining industry and a versatile and flexible analysis tool for geological research applications. SisuROCK applies Specim’s state-of-the-art hyperspectral cameras for rapid collection of hyperspectral data from various geological samples.An average data collection rate of 1200 meters of core per day was achieved in an exploration project, where SisuROCK was operated in the full core tray mode with spatial resolution of 2 mm. Hyperspectral data from a total of 17 000 meters of core was collected in two weeks.

Hyperspectral imaging of geological samples is a 100% repeatable method, giving the same complete results every day, every time. When you use the SisuROCK workstation you will get all data of the full core area in digital format the first time you scan, and there is no need to revisit a remote core archive to view the core again.By using several cameras for different wavelength ranges from visual to thermal the SisuROCK is the most versatile hyperspectral workstation available for a full range of geological problems, unmatched in its capabilities to catch and record even the most difficult types of deposits, samples and textures in its images.


Geology and minerals, drill core imaging