• Flatbed series is analogous to an inverted microscope except for large macroscopic imaging applications

  • Interrogation of samples using a single or multiple spectroscopic imaging methodologies

  • Separation and visualization of individual spectral (chemical) components within each pixel

macroPhor™ Lab Hyperspectral Fluorescence Imaging System

PN: MRC-924-001

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For samples that are too large for standard microscope analysis.
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macroPhor™ ARRAY

PN: MRC-924-002

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Multi-mode hyperspectral imaging system for high volume sampling and big data output. Allows up to twenty-one different samples at a time.   Learn more >


macroPhor™ Flatbed HSI

PN: MRC-924-003

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Inverted hyperspectral fluorescence imaging system for macro samples. Place your sample directly on the glass and start scanning.
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