Enhanced Machine Vision (AI)

Machine Vision

Machine vision applications span a wide range of research and manufacturing fields. Machine vision can be used to automate the identification of visible defects on your product, monitor a specific stage in the production process, or improve quality control of food and other products. In machine vision systems, a camera is usually placed over the object or product line and acquires data via stationary or line-scan imaging. A computer controls the data collection, object or camera movement (if necessary) and analyzes the data to report the specific results, such as a list of defect locations on the object or a warning of off-specification products.

Middleton Spectral Vision provides the complete optical solution including computer-controlled scanning ranging from 1 inch to 7 feet distances, computer-controlled custom illumination, custom enclosures, and data processing software with a dedicated user interface.  Our experienced staff can help you select hyperspectral cameras for multiple wavelength ranges, the appropriate light sources, lenses, and the mode of data collection. We provide line scan or stationary cameras specific to different wavelength regions and applications. Our laboratory and staff are well-equipped to perform feasibility experiments to determine optimal system configurations for your project (size, wavelength range, magnification, resolution, etc.). Contact us to discuss your specific application challenge.

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