SisuCHEMA – SWIR Chemical Imaging System

SisuCHEMA – SWIR Chemical Imaging system is a turnkey hyperspectral imaging platform optimized for the 1000-2500 nm wavelength region. The SisuCHEMA features a high performance short wave infrared spectral camera with three lenses options, scanner, software and illumination.

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SisuCHEMA combines SWIR spectroscopy with high resolution imaging. It provides detailed information on the chemical components, their quantities and distributions within the sample. This is invaluable information for the characterization and quality assurance of advanced materials, where the functionality of the material is dependent on its chemical and physical structure.

SisuChema SWIR features a high performance MCT sensor with 384 spatial pixels and 288 spectral bands. The camera supports a line rate of 400 lines per second. A stirling cooling provides for deep cooling of the sensor. The SWIR camera is housed in an IP54 enclosure. All components are temperture stabilized including the lens that has a removable cover for interchanging other lens options. The SisuChema frame is extremely robust and is capable of supporting several other spectral  camera options other then the SWIR camera. The spectral camera mounts on a  tower that has a manual z adjust for focusing.

SisuCHEMA-SWIR (1000-2500nm)


Near Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is widely used for chemical material analyses. SisuChema combines NIR spectroscopy with high resolution imaging; it provides detailed information on the chemical components, their quantities and distributions within the sample. It is invaluable information for the characterization and quality assurance of advanced materials, where the functionality of the material is dependent on its chemical and physical structure.



SisuChema is a complete chemical imaging workstation. Users place samples into a specially designed sample tray, then using Lumo Scanner acquisition software, the spectral image is acquired and saved, in real-time.

Users can easily adapt the configuration of SisuChema for a variety of sample sizes. The system can image samples of 10 mm or smaller at a very high pixel resolution of 30 microns, or the width of the sample area can be increased to 100 mm, providing 300 micron resolution.

SisuChema acquires hyperspectral images using the push-broom scanning technique. This works by building the image one line at a time while the sample is scanned on a moving sample tray in front of the camera. Each line has 384 spatial pixels. In the scanning dimension, the number of pixels is dependent on the selected scanning length. The variable scanning length allows the user to image longer samples, or multiple sequential samples (like tablets), in a single linear scan. Files are saved in an open source file form known as the ENVI file format.


SisuChema is built on our SWIR Spectral Camera operating in 970 to 2500 nm range with high spectral resolution. This push-broom camera provides outstanding advantages. Its light throughput is 10 to 20 times higher than that in a tuneable fi lter imager. The result is considerably faster imaging under similar
illumination conditions. Furthermore, push-broom imaging only requires line illumination on the sample, which signifi cantly reduces the heat load on the sample. Our unique line illumination technique is designed to provide diff used line-illumination on the sample, thus optimizing the imaging of various surfaces.

SisuChema’s simple, user friendly, modular methodology brings out the best qualities of a turnkey solution in a form which is simple to use and maintain. Setting up SisuChema for the
first time only requires connecting the cables between the imaging unit and the external enclosure (housing the computer, camera controllers and power units). The system comes with transport cases if relocating the system is ever required. The SisuChema can be controlled by Lumo Scanner software or Breeze acquisition and analysis software from Prediktera.


SisuCHEMA – SWIR Chemical Imaging system includes the following:
• SWIR-CL-400-N25E Spectral Camera
• Camera power supply and controller
• Objective lenses OLES30, OLESMACRO & OLES15
• Scanner frame
• Adjustable mounting adapter for camera
• Low heat load illumination unit
• System cables
• PC computer optimized for hyperspectral imaging
• Transport cases
• Lumo Scanner acquisition software
• KemoQuant Visualization Software

  • Agriculture
  • Plant Science
  • Geology
  • Life Science
  • Phamaceutical
  • Color Analysis