Large Area White Reference

White Reference Standard UV-VIS-NIR, 42mm diameter, 2.25″ housing

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White References

Middleton Spectral Vision provides several white reference materials that can be used to calibrate hyperspectral images. These materials can be placed adjacent to the sample on the moving sample stage underneath the camera or placed on a tripod in the scene for outdoor measurements.  A white and dark (closed shutter) reference data can be saved automatically with Middleton’s FastFrame™ software, the same software that controls the camera settings, moving sample stage, and collects data.

Middleton Spectral Vision offers porous ceramic tiles to be used as a white reference material for hyperspectral cameras. The material is 95-99% reflective in the wavelength range 450-2500 nm, which covers the NIR to SWIR ranges and most of the visible range. The tile exhibits lambertian behavior, resulting in the highest possible diffuse reflectance standard. In addition, it can be used in high temperature (up to 1300°C – at one point in the website they say 1000°C, at another 1300°C; which should we put?) and high energy environments and UV exposure while maintaining its reflectivity. It is a rugged, easily-cleaned alternative to other white reference materials.


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