PlantSpec™ 100 High Throughput Hyperspectral Imaging System

The PlantSpec 100 High Throughput Hyperspectral Imaging System

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The PlantSpec 100 system can be mated with a plant conveyor system (sold separately) for moving plants through the imaging tower. The system includes the imaging booth, two hyperspectral cameras (VNIR standard), illumination system and hyperspectral work station. Data visualization software is included, other advanced analysis tools for hyperspectral imaging are available.

The PlantSpec™ 100 system includes the following components:

• Light tight imaging tower with automated doors
• MSV Tower Illumination system for top view and side view cameras
• Power Supply Module
• Software controlled motorized drive for image scanning for each camera
• MSV 500 VNIR Hyperspectral camera 400-1000nm (Standard)
• OLE 17mm lens (other lens options available)
• White Reference panel
• Fast Frame acquisition software with PLC interface
• Custom conveyor system for 24/7 operation
• RFID Plant Identification system
• Optional water and fertilizer station
• Automated Measurement modes

  • Plant Science & Agriculture