PlantSpec™ 10 Whole Plant Imaging System

PlantSpec™ 10 Whole Plant Imaging System

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The PlantSpec™ 10 is a hyperspectral system optimized for imaging the canopy of plants up to four feet high. The system comes with a large frame that can accommodate hyperspectral, RGB or thermal cameras. An 80-inch drive moves the hyperspectral camera. It can capture a hyperspectral scan of multiple flats of plants for canopy imaging. The system comes with illumination, hyperspectral camera, referencing panels, PC and frame.

The PlantSpec™ 10 system includes the following components:

• Robust system frame with locking casters
• MSV13 Halogen Illumination system
• Power Supply Module
• Software controlled motorized drive for image scanning
• MSV 101L VNIR Hyperspectral camera 400-1000nm (Standard)
• OLE 17mm lens (other lens options available)
• White Reference bar
• Fast Frame acquisition software
• KemoQuant Visualization software

  • Plant Science & Agriculture