FX-17e NIR Hyperspectral Camera (GigE Interface)

The FX-17e is a complete, multi-purpose, turn-key hyperspectral imaging camera designed for industrial and laboratory applications.

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The FX-17e VNIRe Spectral Camera represents a breakthrough in hyperspectral imaging. It’s small size, wide field of view and excellent signal to noise open this camera up to a wide array of applications. Some of the key advantages for the FX series are:

The main advantages of FX17 are:
• High Speed: The FX-17e outputs 670 FPS with the Full Image mode. With a MROI mode the speed can be up to several
thousands frames per second depending on the number and positioning of the selected wavebands. For example
with selection of 4 bands the speed can be more than 15000 FPS.
• Fast Optics:The FX-17e has high quality optics with a F-number 1.7, which enables good signal with short integration
times. High Signal to Noise Ratio (1000:1) enables better detection accuracy on high speeds.
• Flexibility: Free wavelength selection from 230 bands within the camera coverage.
• Plug ‘n’ Play: Each FX-17e unit has the same spectral wavelength calibration, which means that all the units gives
identical results. Automatic image enhancement provides correction for smile, keystone and reduced distortion.
• Size: The FX-17e has much smaller footprint than traditional hyperspectral cameras and weights only 1.4 kg.
• Integration: The FX-17e has various options for controlling software, including Lumo ToolKit, Lumo SDK and a
separate ASCII protocol.

FX-17e is controlled via GigE Interface.

FX17 Specifications


  • Spectral range 900-1700 nm
  • Automatic Image Enhancement Smile and keystone correction with decreased distortion
  • F number 1.7
  • FOV 40 degrees


  • Detector type InGaAs
  • Slit Width Physical width 42μm. Projection
  • on sensor 32μm (M=1.3)
  • Pixel size 15×15 μm
  • # Spatial pixels 640
  • Spectral binning options 1x 2x 4x
  • # Spectral pixels covering the specified range 230 115 57
  • Spectral sampling/pixel 3.5 nm 7 nm 14 nm
  • Spectral Resolution FWHM 8 nm (mean)
  • SNR @ max. signal 1000:1
  • Frame rate (fps), full range (230 bands) max. 670 FPS
  • Frame rate (fps), MROI examples 4 adjacent bands 15000 FPS
  • 50 bands ~ 5000 FPS
  • Integration time Adjustable, within frame time
  • Data interface CL, 12 bits
  • Sensor Cooling TEC
  • Shutter Electromechanical shutter for dark background registration, user-controllable by software


  • Housing Painted aluminum case
  • Size (L x W x H) 150 x 71 x 85 mm
  • Weight 1.4 kg

FX Series Specifications Sheet


  • Machine Vision
  • Agriculture
  • Plant Science
  • Geology
  • Life Science
  • Phamaceutical
  • Color Analysis