Via-Spec™ II Scanner Stage

Via-Spec™ II Hyperspectral Transmission Stage and Frame (Includes halogen transmission lightsource)

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The Via-Spec™ Scanner stage is a versatile platform to support a variety of hyperspectral applications for the laboratory. The scanner comes with a software controlled moving stage, transmission illumination and a study frame for mounting cameras. The Via-Spec™ scanner uses a USB-2 interface for the computer. The transmission illumination source  includes an interchangeable glass plate for transmission measurements. The stage has a white reference bar with focusing grid. A wide range of spectral cameras can be mounted to the frame. A manual focusing adjuster allows the camera to move in the Z direction for course focusing. (SWIR camera not included)

The ViaSpec™ scanner includes:

• Base with adjustable frame for mounting cameras and reflectance illumination (Order Part number MRC-920-045 to add Reflectance illumination to the ViaSpec™ II)
• Adjustable mount for focusing
• Encoder-synched stage for repeatable measurements
• Software controlled sample stage with sample plate
• Transmissions Illumination with glass plate for the scanner stage
• White Reference bar
• Focusing grid
• USB 2.0 interface

Specifications Sheet:  Via-Spec Mar-2015

  • Agriculture
  • Plant Science
  • Geology
  • Life Science
  • Phamaceutical
  • Color Analysis
  • Thin Film Uniformity