Lumo Recorder from Specim Spectral Imaging

Lumo Recorder is a data recording application for Specim’s spectral cameras and airborne systems. Lumo Recorder can control HSI and GPS/INS sensors, and store their data onto the computer hard drive.

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Lumo Recorder is an intuitive software interface for controlling and acquiring data from Specim cameras. The software is divided into three main areas, setup for connecting to cameras, stages and other preferences, Adjust for setting camera parameters and workflow and Capture for image acquisition. The software has a built-in scripting and sequential workflow engine controlling all the steps and automation to be performed for each measurement.

Minimum computer requirements
Operating system – Windows 7, 10

• Intel i5 or i7 processor Gen 6 or better
• 4GB of RAM.
• 128GB SSD hard drive or more for the operating system.
• 256GB SSD hard drive or more for each sensor to record the data.
• Graphics card with OpenGL 2.0 support or better.
• 64-bit operating system to allow large file handling.
• Screen resolution of 1024 x 800.