KemoQuant™ Visualization Software

The KemoQuant Visualization Module allows users to view and interrogate hyperspectral images and spectral data.

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The visualization module is a great tool to open hyperspectral images. The user can interact with the image and view the spectra for each pixel. A region tool allows for averaging of pixels over a selected area. The image can also be toggled between mean image or pseudo RGB for visualization.

Minimum computer requirements
Operating system – Windows 7, 10

• Intel i5 or i7 processor Gen 6 or better
• 4GB of RAM
• 128GB SSD hard drive or more for the operating system
• 256GB SSD hard drive or more for each sensor to record the data
• Graphics card with OpenGL 2.0 support or better
• 64-bit operating system to allow large file handling
• Screen resolution of 1024 x 800

  • Fluorescence
  • VNIR and SWIR Measurements