Bruker M4 TORNADO Micro-XRF

The Bruker M4 TORNADO Micro XRF system from Bruker rapidly measures composition and element distribution in a variety of samples.


The Bruker M4 Tornado micro-XRF is the  instrument of choice for research in materials science, forensics, archeometry and microelectronics, including catalysis, failure analysis, corrosion research and failure analysis. The instrument allows users to perform material testing, quality control, layer system analysis, toxic element screening and many other analytical tasks.

Analysis of a wide range of samples:


  • Virtually any kind of inorganic, organic or even liquid sample
  • There is a 600mm x 350mm x 260mm sample chamber for large samples and weights up to 10 lbs.
  • The M4 handles even and irregular shaped samples

A large vacuum sample chamber supports light element detection. The system supports spot sizes down to 25 µm provide excellent spatial resolution. Larger spot sizes up to 200 µm are now also available with the new FlexiSpot feature, for analyzing non-homogenous materials. You can  customize the M4 TORNADO for extended measurement ranges and even faster analysis speeds. Adding a second X-Ray source with a different target and collimator enhances flexibility. For the fastest analysis speeds, add a second SD detector.


  • Materials science – including corrosion, catalysis, solar cells, coatings & failure analysis
  • Forensics
  • Archeometry  & geology
  • Life science / bioscience
  • Microelectronics