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The FX10 VNIR spectral camera represents a dramatic new turn for hyperspectral imaging. Optimized for the industrial market, the FX 10 packs a serious punch in a very small foot print (150 mm x 71 mm x 85 mm).


FX10 footprint


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Built for speed!

A CMOS sensor with 512 spatial pixels and 220 spectral channels supports 330 fps at full resolution. The sensor has single or multiple ROI capability to increase frame rates past 6000 fps.


SPECIM has always been very strong with high performance imaging spectrographs. The FX 10 goes to a new level featuring an ultra-fast F 1.7 aperture. This ensures high sensitivity, shorter integration times and outstanding signal to noise ratio (600:1). Each FX 10 is set at the factory to produce identical imaging results making the cameras interchangeable in complex industrial applications

The camera comes with dovetail mounting on all four sides and a tripod mounting hole on the bottom. Although the FX10 was inspired by the growing needs in machine vision and industrial set ups, it is pretty clear that this little power house will serve a very wide range of applications.

FX 10 Camera_1

Oh and the price! Well, you will have to contact us for that information 🙂


FX 10 logo


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