N25E Enhanced SWIR Spectrograph

ImSpector Enhanced SWIR Spectrograph N25E, 30 µm (default input slit)

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Middleton Spectral Vision offers the complete line of ImSpector™ Series imaging spectrographs for spectral imaging applications in both industry and scientific research. Spectrographs are complex optical components that change a camera to a hyperspectral imaging device with full contiguous spectral information and high spectral resolution. The spectrograph can be attached and integrated with a monochrome camera using a standard C- or U-mount to build a line imaging hyperspectral camera. The spectrograph may be integrated by the end-user. Alternatively, the integration along with alignment and calibration can be performed at Middleton Spectral Vision for an additional fee. Contact Middleton Spectral for more details.

The imaging spectrograph designed for the SWIR (1000 – 2500 nm) wavelength range can be used to transform a SWIR camera with a wide spectral range sensor, such as a cooled mercury-cadmium-telluride (MCT) sensor, into a line-scan hyperspectral imaging device. In the SWIR range, this spectrograph offers the highest optical performance on the market, by reducing keystone and smile aberrations to sub-pixel levels.

NIR-SWIR spectrograph datasheet

NIR-SWIR spectrograph datasheet

Short wave infrared wavelength range

ImSpector N25E
Optical characteristics
Spectral range *1 1000 – 2500 nm
Dispersion 232 nm/mm
Spectral resolution *2 12 nm
Image size max. 6.4 (spectral) x 9.6 (spatial) mm
Spatial resolution *2 rms spot radius < 15 μm,
Aberrations No astigmatism
Bending   of   spectral   lines
across spatial axis
Smile < 5 μm
Bending    of    spatial    lines
across spectral axis
Keystone < 5 μm
Numerical aperture F/2.0
Slit width, default 30 μm
Slit length 14.2 mm
Optical input Telecentric
Efficiency > 50 %, independent of polarization
Mechanical characteristics
Size, OEM (W) 60 x (H) x 60 x (L) 220 cm
Weight 1500 g
Body, OEM Anonized aluminium tube
Lens mount Standard C-mount adapter
Camera mount Standard U-mount adapter
User adjustments Image axis relative to detector rows, back fo-
cal length adjustable ±1 mm
Environmental characteristics
Storage -20 … +80 °C
Operating +5 … +40 °C, non-condensing