MSV 500 VNIR Spectral Camera USB3

A high performance spectral camera for applications that require low light or high dynamic range measurements. The MSV-500 uses a high sensitivity sCMOS sensor. This sensor supports both global and rolling shutter modes.

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The MSV 500 is a high performance spectral camera for demanding applications. The MSV 500 uses a 5.5 mega pixel sCMOS sensor. The sCMOS sensor has a very low noise floor, in the single electron range.
The user can select between two 12 bit amplifiers in software, one optimized for low noise applications where highest sensitivity is required or high capacity for access to the full pixel well. A 16 bit mode is available that samples each 12 bit amplifier to produce an image that combines both low noise and high dynamic range information.The sensor supports both global and rolling shutter modes. Global shutter can be critical for hyperspectral imaging of fast moving objects. The camera can achieve high frame rates, up to 100 frames per second over the full spectral window, or even higher with a reduced field of view.


MSV 500 Spec sheet

MSV500 Product specifications

Sensor   5.5 mega pixel sCMOS
Dynamic Range settings 12 bit low noise, 12 bit High dynamic range, 16 bit combined
Electronic shutter  Rolling and Global Shutter
Spatial Sampling  up to 2000 points
Spectral bands  up to 1000
Optical Resolution   down to 1.2nm
Frame rate   up to 100 fps (With dual camera link interface)
Spectrograph   Specim V10E
Spectral Range   400-1000 nm
Smile     < 1.5μn Keystone    < 1μm Numerical aperture   2.4 Data interface -   USB3 or 10 tap dual camera link Options: Mechanical shutter Water Cooling for higher operating temperature environments.

  • Agriculture
  • Plant Science
  • Geology
  • Life Science
  • Phamaceutical
  • Color Analysis