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Middleton Spectral Vision offers a diverse collection of complete hyperspectal imaging systems for operation in the SWIR, NIR and VNIR wavelength ranges.  The imaging systems are designed for numerous applications, such as:

  • Manufacturing Process Analysis
  • Pharmaceutical Quality Control
  • Fermentation and Coagulation Measurement
  • Agricultural Material Screening
  • Biotechnology Composition Analysis
  • Drill Core Analysis
  • Geological Sample Analysis
  • Forensics

Although versatile in their applications, all hyperspectral systems in Middleton Spectral Vision product line share several characteristics.  All systems provide superior performance and image quality combined with efficiency and ease of use.  Each system comes ready to use with pre-installed data acquisition and analysis software, sample trays, and illumination sources.  Because all necessary components are included in the system, customer integration issues are avoided.  All of the systems are modular, thus it is possible to replace certain components to further optimize the hyperspectral system for new applications.

Selecting a Complete System

Each system includes a selection of cameras with capabilities in different wavelength ranges.  It is important to select cameras with wavelength range functions appropriate for the specific application.  Soem systems, such as the SisuCHEMA, are designed for relatively small sample sizes, while systems liek the SisuROCK can accommodate much larger samples.  When selecting a system it is therefore important to consider the size of the sample to be analyzed.

Middleton Spectral Vision systems are effective tools for lab use, and most cameras are also easily converted to function at the manufacturing line for online process monitoring.  The versatility afforded by this single system is due, in part, to the push-broom imaging technology that is easily transferable to the production environment with moving samples.

Building a Custom System

Although complete systems are appropriate for a diverse array of applications, at Middleton Spectral Vision we understand that every application is unique and an off-the-shelf system may not perfectly suit your specific project.  Our engineering team includes experts in software, computer, electrical and mechanical engineering, as well as optical design, spectroscopy and chemometrics.  We can work with you to customize a system that provides the most effective solution for your application.

In addition to hyperspectral imaging systems, Middleton Spectral Vision is experienced in designing machine vision systems for applications where less spectral information is required.  Some applications also benefit from combining hyperspectral and machine vision functions and data.  Our engineering team can work with you to understand the demands of your application or process and develop an appropriate system and software.