Middleton Spectral Vision’s applications engineers are here to help you get your spectral vision system up and running. Some customers know exactly what components they need, but for many new applications the best starting point is a feasibility study. The results of the study and requirements of your application may push the project towards an off-the-shelf solution, or a custom design project for unique arrangements.

Middleton takes a practical, results-driven approach to your project. As a result, even our custom solutions may be delivered faster and for less than you’d think. Get in contact with us to get started today.


  • Develop user requirements specification
  • Create experiment plan
  • Customer prepares range of samples
  • Measurements performed at Middleton or customer site
  • Analyze data and create report
  • Deliver report and review with customer
  • Further Feasibility Analysis if needed
  • Discuss next step of the project
  • Off-the-shelf system (with some custom components)
  • Custom system for specialized measurement

Middleton Spectral Vision keeps an array of hyperspectral cameras and sampling accessories for use in feasibility studies and demonstrations. Our applications experience and analysis software allow us to gain deep understanding of your samples.


Specify & Build

  • Specify components for hyperspectral system
  • Build system
  • Test system
  • Delivery, demo and training

Custom Build

Design & Prototype

  • Specify software needs
  • Design proof-of-concept or fully functional prototype
  • Receive parts, build
  • Develop, finalize system software
  • Test system
  • Delivery, demo and training