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Custom Software Examples

Example #1: Resin Thickness Software Suite

As an example of custom software development the Thickness Measurement Acquisition Software is designed for use with the Near-Infrared Resin Pocket Measurement System. The software calculates thickness of resin pockets in real-time and displays the results to the user. The software contains a “part file” system which keeps track of measurement progress on a given part, which makes file naming and measurement more efficient and less error-prone. The part file may be loaded for added efficiency in the Thickness Analysis Software. The associated visible images are also recorded in the database.

The Thickness Analysis Software is a custom software developed for use with a Near-Infrared Resin Pocket Measurement System. It is used to create calibrations for predicting resin thickness, predict raw measurements, and analyze predicted thickness data.

Analysis Tools

  • Cross-section thickness profiles
  • Length measurements of defects
  • Maximum depth of defect
  • Average frame display
  • Defect selection
  • Resin pocket width/depth readings


Example #2: Prediction Engine

The Prediction Engine is an on-line hyperspectral software allows users to apply calibrations from the Prediction Engine Calibration Software or CAMO Unscrambler to hyperspectral data as it is streaming out of the camera. Results are displayed and stored on-the-fly, and require a small fraction of the space of full hyperspectral datacubes.


  • Composition and thickness mapping of transdermal patches
  • Monitoring of blend uniformity
  • Defect detection in manufactured parts
  • Chemical imaging

Main Features

  • Process data using calibrations generated by CAMO’s Unscrambler or MRC’s Prediction Engine Calibration Utility
  • Display useful parameters as the camera measures the sample
  • Save data in ENVI-compatible format
  • Sensor and pseudo-RGB display to help with camera adjustments

multi components larger.jpg

Example #3: Web Monitor

WebMon allows users to apply CAMO Unscrambler calibrations to hyperspectral measurements as they are being measured. This software was designed with roll-to-roll manufacturing in mind. The results are displayed as line charts, waterfall images and moving averages. Features of the software require various access levels, and the user must log in before initializing a measurement. Ideal for in-process pharmaceutical imaging and chemical imaging.

WebMon.jpgMain Features

  • CAMO Unscrambler calibration support
  • Two-monitor display
  • Alarms and warnings for thresholds
  • Statistics reported based on unit dosage
  • Indicator for spectra that fall outside of calibration model
  • CFR 21, Part 11 compliant
  • Results displayed as image and line charts
  • Store raw data and result data to the disk
  • Automatic periodic dark-reference updating using camera’s shutter
  • Adjustable waterfall and lane chart scales
  • Flip data displays horizontally and vertically

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