Hyperspectral Lenses

UV Lenses

The UV objective fore lens is optimized for the ultra-violet wavelength region, 200 - 410 nm.

It is optimized for the optics of the Enhanced Series spectrograph, ImSpector UV4E.


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Optical Characteristics
Focal Length 28.3 mm
F-number 3.5
Spatial Image Size (max) 18 mm
Transmission > 75%
Minimum Working Distance * 25 cm
Mechanical Characteristics
Dimensions 39.5 mm x Ø 37.5 mm
Body Material Anodized Aluminum
Mount C-mount
Dimensions of Imaged Line (LxW) at Select Working Distances (D)
Field of View angle (degrees) **   17.7
D = 300 mm [11.81 in] L= 93.29
  W= 0.32
D = 500 mm [19.69 in] L= 155.48
  W= 0.53
D= 750 mm [29.53] L= 233.22
  W= 0.8
D = 1000 mm [39.37] L= 310.95
  W= 1.06
D= 1500 mm [59.06] L= 466.43
  W= 1.59
D = 2000 mm [78.74 in] L= 621.91
  W= 2.12
D = 3000 mm [118.11 in] L= 932.86
  W= 3.18
D = 1 km [3280 ft] *** L= 310.95
  W= 1.06
UV Lenses Ordering Information
Part numberDescriptionProduct Name
MRC-308-004-01 UV Lens, C-Mount, 28mm, f/3.5 (200 - 410 nm) OLUV28

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