Fiber Optic Illumination

Fiber Optic Light Lines

Line Lights.pngThe line lights are available in both single and dual line configurations.  The dual line configuration may be useful in applications where the sample should be evenly illuminated from both sides simultaneously.  This can be accomplished using the dual line configuration line light while still only needing a single light source.

Schott Source.png


Different light sources are available for use with the fiber optic line lights depending on the spectral region of the application. The two most common light sources are a halogen and LED light source, two of which have been recommended below. Special low-OH grades of glass used to build the fiber bundles help extend the usability of these sources towards the near-infrared region. Please contact Middleton Spectral Vision to discuss your application and to find the best light source for your needs.


Custom Fiber Optic Illumination

Custom fiber optic illumination is also available with multi-point configuration. Dedicated optics at the end of each fiber improve the light intensity at the illuminated points.  Configurations with up to 40 channels are feasible. In most cases standard SMA connectors are preferable for mounting or coupling to standard collimating optics. On the common end the fiber bundles are equipped with a standard ferrule to match standard fiber optic light sources.

Fiber Optic Light Line Ordering Information
Part numberDescriptionProduct Name
MRC-207-003-01 10" Fiber Optic Light Line LLL/10
MRC-207-003-02 10" Cylindrical Light Line Lens CL/10
MRC-207-003-03 6" Fiber Optic Light Line LLL/6
MRC-207-003-04 Dual 6" Fiber Optic Light Line LDLL/6
MRC-207-003-05 6" Cylindrical Light Line Lens CL/6
MRC-207-003-06 8" Fiber Optic Light Line LLL/8
MRC-207-003-09 8" Cylindrical Light Line Lens CL/8
MRC-207-002-02 LED Fiber Optic Light Source FOLS/LED
MRC-207-002-03 DCR III Fiber Optic Light Source, EKE Halogen FOLS/HAL

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