Transport Cases

Transport CasesHyperspectral cameras and other optical accessories are sensitive equipment and require protection during transportation and storage. The transport cases are available in different sizes to match the size of the equipment and degree of protection needed. They are extremely durable and protect the equipment from heat or mechanical damage, and can be used to transport the equipment in the field or between facilities throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

All transport cases have durable handles, and the large shipping cases contain extension handles and rollers for easier handling of heavy loads. Elastomer seals on the cases protect the equipment from moisture and other environmental effects.

The insert foam in the transport cases are shaped for the specific camera component or accessory, therefore it is recommended that transport cases be specified and purchased with the camera or accessory.

Transport Cases Ordering Information
Part numberDescriptionProduct Name
MRC-316-003-01 Transport case, small TC/SMALL
MRC-316-003-02 Transport case, medium TC/MEDIUM
MRC-316-003-03 Transport case, large TC/LARGE

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