Heavy Duty Tripod

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3/8" screw on heavy duty tripod for mounting
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Heavy Duty Tripod

This heavy duty tripod is capable of supporting loads up to 44 lbs. (20 kg), at a height of over 8.5 ft. (2.6 m). It is an ideal large format tripod for use with hyperspectral cameras and the rotating scanner. This tripod offers a working range from a minimum of 17.3” to a maximum of 105”. The center column is geared for easy, accurate adjustment. The rugged tripod can easily handle the combined weight of the scanner and camera.


  • The standard 3/8” screw allows the scanner to be mounted directly to the tripod.
  • The heavy duty tripod is equipped with a bubble level to make adjustments easier.
  • The built-in mid-level spreader adds anti-torsional rigidity, stops the heavy duty tripod legs from accidentally being knocked wider apart and makes it suitable for use on uneven terrain.
  • The geared center column allows for safe and precise height adjustments.
  • The three set screws in the camera platform can be used to permanently secure the scanner to the rugged tripod, providing additional security.


  • Load Capacity: 44 lbs (20 kg)
  • Attachment Fitting: 3/8"
  • Maximum Height: 105" (267 cm)
  • Minimum Height: 17.3” (44 cm)
  • Folded Length: 41.3” (105 cm)
  • Weight: 17.5 lbs (7.95 kg)
  • Material: Aluminum

Heavy Duty Tripod Ordering Information
Part numberDescriptionProduct Name
MR-211-003-07 Heavy Duty Tripod HD Tripod

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