FODIS typical use Solar irradiance and ambient light sensor (1)A Fiber Optic Downwelling Irradiance Sensor (FODIS) can be integrated with Enhanced Series ImSpector spectrographs or cameras. FODIS is used for real-time monitoring of solar irradiance of the sun or changes in other background or ambient illumination sources. The ambient illumination is collected by the small dome sensor and this background light is transmitted by fiber optics to the entrance slit of the spectrograph. With the help of the fiber optic connected to the slit, the camera detects the relative light level of the illumination while simultaneously collecting the sample information. Information about the illumination is then recorded into the same frame along with the measured spectra, so this information can be easily and unambiguously used to normalize the recorded hypercube. FODIS uses only about 5-7% of the spatial pixels and offers a continuous reference using only one fiber optic cable.

Each component of the FODIS system can be ordered independently to meet
specific application requirements. Cables are also available in different lengths.
Contact Middleton Research for more details.
• Internal optics (required) with SMA905 connector
• Cables of different lengths (5m standard) with SMA905 (optional)
• Diffuse collection head with SMA905 (optional)

FODIS assembly Solar irradiance and ambient light sensor (1)


FODIS Fiber Optic Cable, SMA connector, and diffuse collection head



FODIS sensor image Solar irradiance and ambient light sensor (1)


Focal plane image using FODIS system. The sharp dark line at the left side of the image is the spectral intensity of the source delivered by the fiber optic directly to the hyperspectral camera input slit.

FODIS Background Light Sensor Ordering Information
Part numberDescriptionProduct Name
MRC-311-003-01 FODIS internal fiber, SMA connector FODIS/internal
MRC-311-003-02 FODIS diffuse collection head, SMA connector FODIS/head
MRC-311-003-03 FODIS cable, armored, 5m, SMA connector FODIS/cable/5


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