Fiber Optic Camera and Fiber Optic Sensors (1)

Fiber Optic Camera and Fiber Optic Sensors Output (1)Middleton Spectral offers standard and customized fiber optics. Combined with Specim's hyperspectral camera and spectrograph options in the wavelength range 380-2500nm, we can provide high-performance fiber optic hyperspectral cameras and diffraction optics.  Optimized fiber choices are available in VIS, VNIR, NIR, and SWIR. For fiber optic camera applications requiring different wavelength ranges and fiber diameters and lengths, please contact Middleton Spectral Vision. Typically, depending on the diameter of the fiber, 4 to 40 channels are feasible. In special cases using very small diameter fibers, up to 115 channel fiber optic sensors are possible. Standard fiber optic core diameters are 100, 200 or 400 microns. The sample side of the collection fibers typically use standard SMA connectors. For better collection of light into the small diameter fibers, lens modules are available to fit the SMA connectors. 

Fiber optic camera assemblies must be installed at factory and are not interchangeable with a standard slit and imaging optics.

Note: Fiber optics may also be used for hyperspectral system illumination. For more details please see Illumination.

Fiber Optic Assemblies Ordering Information
Part numberDescriptionProduct Name
MRC-311-001-01 Collection fiber optics, 200μm, 2m, 20-channel (SMA) 02FBR00140
MRC-311-001-02 Collection fiber optics, 100μm, 2m, 50-channel (SMA) 02FBR00120
MRC-311-001-03 Collection lens (SMA) 9.7 mm diameter 02LNS00090
MRC-311-002-01 Illumination fiber optics, 4-channel 02FBR00200
MRC-311-002-02 Illumination fiber optics, 9-channel 02FBR00210
MRC-311-002-03 Illumination lens 12.7 mm diameter 02LNS00020
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